Beds and Cambs at RAF Spadeadam and Boulmer Camp for some exclusive experiences!

Cadets and staff from Beds & Cambs Wing camp at RAF Boulmer, which provides surveillance of UK airspace and tactical control of combat and support aircraft! We hope you had a great time and enjoyed all the activities including:

  • Section visits around the station to key functional areas such as the Control and Reporting Centre and Fire Section.
  • A tour of the Electronic Warfare Tactical facility at RAF Spadeadam, where aircrews can practice manoeuvres and tactics against a variety of threats and targets that they face in contemporary warfare.
  • CyberFirst Adventurer training providing an insight into the work of cyber and how common threats can be managed.
  • ASPIRE – Diversity and Inclusion awareness session
  • Leadership challenges
  • Sports

We’d like to thank everyone who made the camp possible, including CI Olivant, CI Khan and Padre Williamson, Flt Lt Henshaw and Flt Lt Brown for the delivery of the camp.

Keep up the good work and continue to pursue your dreams in air, space and cyber!