Remembrance Across the Wing

Thank you to the cadets and staff for paying their respects to those injured and killed during conflicts.

More detail for each photo is available from each squadron or the Wing Facebook page.

460 (Dunstable) Sqn
272 (Wisbech) Sqn
272 (Wisbech) in uniform at school
134 (Bedford) Sqn prepare for their parade
134 (Bedford) Sqn on parade
134 (Bedford) Sqn parading
207 (Cranfield) Sqn on parade
511 (Ramsey) cadet paying their respects
511 (Ramsey) leading the parade
2462 (Oakley) Cpl pays his respects
2462 (Oakley) Sqn pay their respects at the war memorial
1094 (Ely) Sqn parade through the city
134 (Bedford) Sqn cadets place poppies on the graves of those lost in the R101 disaster
460 (Dunstable) Cadets with local dignitaries
104 (City of Cambridge) cadets pay tribute at the memorial
1003 (Leighton Buzzard) Sqn
2331 (St Ives) and 73 (Huntingdon) Squadrons join together for Remembrance
2065 (Biggleswade) Sqn